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      For over fifteen years, we at Secure Door and Hardware, have specialized in servicing general contractors with frames, doors and architectural door hardware. Our headquarters are located in a commercial district of Brooklyn, minutes from New York City and our customer base spans the entire Tri-state metropolitan area. We have a warehouse stocked with a broad selection of door hardware types and sizes, as well as a full service Hollow Metal modification shop, which allows us to provide the most efficient service possible.

    Our main priority is our customers and we place great emphasis on ensuring quality products and services. We would like to include you in our family and to lead you through our doorway to excellence.
   Secure Door and Hardware is a proud member of the
DHI (Door and Hardware Institute)


 Secure Door & Hardware, Inc.
265 46th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11220
Phone: (718) 492-1222 Fax: (718) 492-0933

SDH provides a large variety of services:


   We provide estimates for Hollow Metal, Doors, Frames, Wood Doors and Door Hardware as per plans and specifications, individually or as a complete package including delivery to the job site. We are willing to work with your budget requirements as well as your construction schedule.

Priority Express Program
   We are proud to offer a premium one or two-week manufacturing service to accommodate your fast track jobs or emergency needs.

Comprehensive Job Guidance
   We are involved with each job from the initial stages of developing shop drawings and hardware schedules through the approval process, material ordering, manufacturing, packing and shipping. Our state of the art computerized job tracking system allows us to be fully informed as the job progresses.

Site Repairs
   In order to successfully see a job through to completion, we offer onsite repair services by an experienced mechanic if necessary.

Locksmith Services

   We are able to create and maintain master key systems for your clients.

Personal Client Relationships
   We place great emphasis on getting to know our clients on a personal level. We are happy to consult our customers and to answer any questions they may have regarding products, services, fire safety and building codes. An employee is always available from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm daily, Monday through Friday.

Fire Safety and Building Code Compliance
   We make sure that every job is in full compliance with national, state and local security and safety laws. We are willing to help architects in specifications and design.

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